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Memorabilia Memorabilia

  • 2018Year

    2018  Never forget our original mind and keep in mind our mission

  • 2017Year

    2017  Upgraded all the company brand, more embracing and admissible  

  • 2016Year
    2016  Established Foshan Excitement Sporting Goods Trade Co., Ltd, an uninhibited skateboard club. 
  • 2015Year

    2015 Established Foshan Action Sporting Event Planning Co., Ltd, Which for Brand Promotion

     Various exciting events were held across the country and staged a good show of “The Return of the King”

    2015 Sponsored Guangdong Province Freestyle Roller Skating Open Tournament. 

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  • 2014Year

     Fully implemented brand strategy, structural adjustment promoted strategic transformation, repositioned domestic market into a diversified development

  • 2014Year

    2014  Named as Guangdong Province Famous Brand Products by Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

    Achieved high production capacity of 5.8 million pairs of skates, 1 million pieces of helmets, and 1.1 million sets of protective gears, which haven’t been exceeded according to the third-party statistics 

  • 2013Year

    Formulated a grand blueprint for SENHAI's five-year plan strategic development

  • 2013Year

    2013  Upgraded to a provincial enterprise, namelyGuangdong Senhai Sporting Goods Co., Ltd

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  • 2012Year
     Established E-Commerce Dept and strongly stationed in T-Mall
  • 2012Year

    2012  Established SENHAI’s 3rd factory, implemented lean production, specialized in OEM for a hypermarket of sporting goods in European.

  • 2011Year

    2011  Established SENHAI’s 2nd factory, which specializes in helmet production and extend. 

    Identified as a famous trademark of Guangdong Province by Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce

  • 2010Year

    2010  Established Panyu District Branch Factory

    Paid taxes over 10 million RMB.

  • 2009Year

    2009  Established Guangxi Province Branch Factory

  • 2008Year

    2008  Established Dongguan City Branch Factory, take measures of distributaries management

  • 2006Year

    2006  Vigorously introduced new equipment, learnt new technologies, upgraded to an integrated advanced national enterprise with R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and services

  • 2005Year

    2005  The company moved to the new site with a total area of 33,000 square meters                 

    The products are exported to overseas and established a good reputation in the market, winning the favor and recognition of many foreign customers.

  • 2004Year

    2004  From private enterprise to Sino-foreign joint venture

  • 2003Year

    2003   it has not been affected by the spread of the SARS virus, but the domestic market was in full swing

  • 2001Year
    2001  Formally registered to use the "ACTION Dynamic" trademark
  • 2000Year

    2000  Joined the ISPO Munich fair in Germany for 1st time. 

  • 1999Year

    1999  Foshan City Senhai Sporting Goods Co., Ltd  Officially was established

  • 1997Year

    1997  After six months of hard working, the factory turned to a profit and developed from a customer to dozens of customers; changed its name to YONGYE Hardware Products Factory and  built the first workshop in the village industrial park with the area of 1,100 square meters.

  • 1996Year

    1996  When Mr. Vincent Lin took over the small family workshop, there were only 20 employees and 6 injection moulding machines, with negative assets of 1.25 million RMB.

  • 1993Year

    1993  SENHAI‘s predecessor – JIAXIN Hardware Products Factory specialized in the production of roller skate accessories, buckles, wheels, protective shells, etc. 

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