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Institutionalized constraints and humanized communication. Senhai regards corporate culture as the highest realm of management. Through humanized communication, employees and the company reach consensus on values, corporate philosophy, etc., and cultivate employees to regard company as their home and raise their spirit of dedication and love of job, at the same time, through the institutionalization of the company to achieve the goal of management, to ensure that the company's plans to complete on schedule.


Team is supreme, trust and cooperation. Senhai regards team spirit as the core of employee cooperation. In the implementation of the company’s goals, each team member can express his opinions regardless of his or her job title. In the implementation of specific tasks, all the team members are collaborators, so that the goal of the work is more clear and the procedure is more optimized.


Let the right person do the right thing. Senhai has always been pragmatic in the selection of talents. The personnel selected by us are not only excellent, but also can identify with the corporate culture and can be integrated into the team. While maximizing the development of the company, the company also provides them with a most suitable development environment, so that they can truly use their talents.


We value our credit the most and put customer in the first place. Senhai fully considers the various needs of customers, extends the service to pre-sales, and regards “user satisfaction” as a commitment to users. While doing our utmost to meet the needs of users, we make users’ ideals and pursuits become a reality.


Today's effort is tomorrow's development. After more than two decades of development, now Senhai has some scale. However, the market is constantly changing and we may be squeezed out at any time. Therefore, Senhai requires every employee to be prepared for danger even we are safe now, constantly innovate, strengthen quality management, to provide the best quality service to our customers, and ensure that the market share of products is steadily increasing.



When teenagers is strong, the country will be prosperous. Senhai takes strengthening youth as our own responsibility, and strives to develop sports equipment, to contribute to the prosperous development of our motherland. Senhai also creates employment opportunities, fulfills our social responsibilities, pays attention to environmental protection and employees, and regards giving-back to society as our management goals.

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